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Acing the GRE essay Part II - How to use the scoring scale wisely

Many students don’t know how to use the scoring scale strategically. First, they read the sample essays on the GRE website and find these examples unattainable. Second, they allocate too much time aiming for a top score of 5 or 6. Third, they’re confused if their sample essays don’t match the typical profiles for each scoring category. Here is some advice about meeting each one of these challenges. Look beyond ETS for realistic sample essays Longer essays are typically better able to convey complex and insightful ideas, so higher-scoring essays are in the 400-650 word range, but beware: The essays that ETS posts as samples for each score are often not representative of most essays that would receive that score. For example, one of the essays scoring a six is 933 words long, whereas another essay with the same score is 627 words long. In contrast, the Manhattan GRE book on â€Å"Reading Comprehension and Essays† has samples of less-than-perfect essays that would still score a six, which feel well within reach of many more test takers. With this caveat in mind, I suggest that students begin by reading some sample essays; I usually suggest reading at least three essays with different scores, such as 4, 5, and 6, or 3, 4, and 5. The most important score increases are in the middle of the scale Students should also look at the analytical writing score distributions, which reveal an important lesson about the relative value of different score increases. The table is so important that I have reproduced it here. It reveals that most test takers score between 3 (15th percentile) and 4.5 (80th percentile), which means that score increases within this range represent much greater percentile jumps than scores outside of this range. In other words, a student who increases from a 4 to a 4.5 has jumped from the 56th to the 80th percentile, whereas a student who increases from 5.5 to 6 has jumped only from the 98th to the 99th percentile. All the blood, sweat, and tears that went into the final half-point increase served to bring the student just a single percentage point higher. These diminishing returns should be weighed against other uses for that extra time, e.g., on the verbal or quantitative sections, or graduate school applications. Some essays don’t fit the mold Over the years, I’ve tutored a number of students for whom English is not a native language. The GRE is administered around the world, and English Learner (EL) students can improve their scores through strategic work, just like native speakers. At the same time, I want to offer an important caveat: The clusters of essay characteristics used to benchmark the scoring system fit the patterns of native speakers, not EL students. For example, the model scored essays provided by ETS don’t provide a category for â€Å"has insightful analysis, clear organization, but occasional grammar errors that interfere with reader comprehension.† While extended time is available to students with documented learning disabilities, extended time is not available to EL students who need extra time to bring all of their grammatical knowledge into play. For most EL students, getting every grammatical feature correct takes extra cognitive work and additional rounds of revisions, whereas us ing correct grammar is a far more intuitive for the native speaker and requires little, if any, extra time. Despite the fact that the GRE is not well designed for EL students, and perhaps because of it, they tend to have just as great, if not more, of a need for tutoring as native speakers. Need help preparing? ; More on the GRE: GRE Coaching Approaches with Anahid Modrek The GRE Tutor: How Rusty Test-Takers Can Combat Test Anxiety GRE Vocab Help: How to Learn Vocabulary, Bird by Bird

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An Importance Of War On Drugs - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 790 Downloads: 3 Date added: 2019/10/30 Category Law Essay Level High school Tags: War On Drugs Essay Did you like this example? The intent on the War on Drugs was to reduce illegal drug users in teens and availability to all. which can affect everyone in their families. Legal drugs have become an even bigger problem than illegal drugs are. Since 1999, deaths from legal drugs have increased by as much as 400% among women and 265% among men (Banks). Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "An Importance Of War On Drugs" essay for you Create order By ending the War on Drugs and legalizing all drugs possibly will make it even worse than it already currently is because it will cost more tax revenue and be forced to use more of it on therapy and rehab when we already spend 72 billion every year, drug-related deaths will increase, and crime and violence will only increase. America has a huge drug problem, and by just removing the War on Drugs will do nothing but it will just make the epidemic even worse. If the War on Drugs were to end, more people would have access to it which increases the number of people who become addicted. Which will not only deeply affects families who are vulnerable to teenagers who have addictive tendencies and are very naive because of their age will ruin their development and will affect families for the rest of their lives (Gardner). There are going to be irresponsible people that have a low income will be more inclined to sell to teenagers who are looking for them and for example will essentially being the same way on how teenagers already go to gas stations and ask strangers to buy them bottles of alcohol in exchange for more than what the bottle costs or whatever it may be. With millions of people becoming addicted, the death rates will skyrocket with addiction as well. More than 72,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2017 (National Institute on Drug Abuse). Death from Drug overdoses from prescription drugs like painkillers have been a huge epidemic in America alone. That is only from legal drugs, and drug overdoses in america have already been the leading causes of death in America for years now. If the War on Drugs were to end, more people will become addicted which will raise the death rate even higher every year. Teenagers already have easy access to prescription drugs and alcohol that already have millions of teens addicted by ending the War on Drugs and decriminalizing illegal drugs will just make the situation far worse than it already has become (Recovery Ways). We spend about $72 billion every year on treating prescription painkiller addiction (Banks). With having drugs decriminalized will again, give more people access to it making them addicted. Which will greatly increase the amount of patients in therapy and rehab when already are spending on 72 billion from prescription drugs alone (Addiction Treatment). It may not seem a lot in terms of in the U.Ss tax budget, but they only make back approximately 32.7 billion of the tax revenue from sales which makes the government in more debt each year by 39.3 billion dollars annually just from having them attempt to treat people from prescription drugs. With having illegal drugs decriminalized the amount of spending on tax budgets will dramatically increase than it already has. That will put our government in even more debt than it already is making the hole deeper as well. Studies show having all legalizing all drugs will not make people more responsible (Banks). DFC is a program that is based around making communities that are drug-free that have been known as drug area to help prevent and reduce the drug use rate in youths as much as possible into it becoming a drug-free area that also has shown to reduce drug-related crimes like in high schools and even middle schools (CADCA). Its partially funded by the government and by ending the War on Drugs it can put the program out of business. Which is really bad because it has been working. High schools prescription drugs has dropped 18 to 15 percent from only the last 30 days in 2014 (CADCA). This program has been proven that it works effectively and if changed it can affect all the progress that has been done and will bring the drug use back up in youth communities and to where youth students are the most vulnerable (Recovery Ways). The War on drugs is not working in a lot of aspects across this country, but abolishing it will only make the situation far worse because it gives people easier access to them. With easier access, addictions, drug-related crimes, and death tolls from overdosing around America will only continue to rise each year at an alarming rate if its completely removed and because its shown that many people in America are just not responsible enough to use legalized drugs responsibly today (Banks).

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D2- Evaluate the Influence of Two Major Theories of Ageing...

Health and social care level 3- Unit 4- D2- Evaluate the influence of two major theories of ageing on health and social care provision. During the aging process, the elderly may take different approaches to aging and may apply to different theories of aging such as the disengagement theory and the activity theory. All elderly individuals will deal with aging in different ways, they may wish to stay active or they may wish to disengage themselves due to depression or they may be unable to deal with the processes of becoming older. Both of these theories of aging have completely different thoughts and views of the aging process. There are many services which are available to the elderly population, these services are usually provided to†¦show more content†¦Senior Centres- The centres act as a social gathering and networking place for seniors who are able to function on an independent basis. Social, cultural and recreational activities are usually offered. These may also include day trips, matinees at the theatre, communal meals, health screenings, volunteer opportunities and even legal and financial services. Generally speaking services are free or available at a low nominal fee to all participants. These services are great for elderly people to get out and enjoy themselves, interact and gather with friends. Many elderly people do not go anywhere due to lack of transport or people to go with, so this will help the elderly people have days out and have events to look forward to. Transportation-Some cities and communities provide special transportation for seniors. Volunteers may drive their own cars and assist in transporting them to doctors, treatments, supermarkets, senior centres, childcare centres, etc. Other services might be van pickups, sponsored by the City. One such example is Access-A-Ride. If the program is funded it may be offered free or for a small, nominal fee. Lack of transportation can sometimes force an elderly people to disengage. They may be unable to attend health meetings, appointments, to see family members etc. This can affect the elderly individuals as this could have an impact on their mental and physical health as they will disengage and no longerShow MoreRelatedUnit 4:P4: to Describe Two Theories of Ageing –Disengagement and Activity P5 – Describe Physical and Psychological Changes Due to the Ageing Process M3: Use Examples to Describe the 2 Theories of Ageing D2: Evaluate the2204 Words   |  9 PagesP4: to describ e two theories of ageing –disengagement and activity P5 – Describe physical and psychological changes due to the ageing process M3: Use examples to describe the 2 theories of ageing D2: Evaluate the influence of 2 major theories on health and social care provisions. The activity theory The Activity Theory was originally an idea that was proposed by Lemon Bengtson amp;Peterson this proposal was seen to have a much more hopeful and positive view on ageing in comparison to the

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Dracul Modernity And Folklore - 1119 Words

Jake Klimeck Novels and Tales Dracula Modernity and Folklore Dracula, is not just a story of good versus evil, but a story of complex parallels. Count Dracula is not just a living being, but also dead. Dracula is a man, but he is also an animal. Furthermore, Dracula is both beautiful and repulsive. It is these parallels about Dracula that create a sense of anxiety and uncertainty throughout the reading. Stoker s use of parallels throughout the novel creates discontent throughout the whole novel. This discontent, not only revolves around Dracula, but many characters throughout the novel. The uses of the novel s settings helps to create a unique parallel between modernity and folklore. The parallel between modernity and folklore taps into the fears of the novel s earliest Victorian readers and how folklore relates to modern technologies. The parallel between modernity and folklore is accomplished by the hunting of Dracula and the use of both folklore and modern technologies to defeat Dracula. Well the characters refused the â€Å"myths† that surrounded Dracula at first, the characters came to realized that both modern technology and folklore must be used together to defeat Dracula. First, this paper will form the basic concept that will encompass the characters and their beliefs about modern technology and folklore ideologies. Secondly, This paper will investigate how modernity will allow the group to be successful,and how folklore affects their

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Computers And The World Of Computing - 1997 Words

The world of computing affects more around us each day, with technologies being developed to offer all sorts of solutions. Consider how vast its effects are: wireless signals and cables carrying data everywhere; how many use the internet; and now how many have smartphones in our pockets. These are all computer systems we use, but how many of us understand how it all actually works? Microsoft’s Bill Gates once said â€Å"I think it s fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we ve ever created. They re tools of communication, they re tools of creativity, and they can be shaped by their user† and I agree, computers have become powerful tools to many of us. Offering adaptability to create and share all sorts of†¦show more content†¦Code acted as commands and directed the computer through tasks. This required understanding of computer language, how data was laid out inside the machine, and knowing individual stages of a task. These basic interfaces meant a more capable user was required to make computers function, and the education reflected this, teaching computer science. Boston University’s department of Computer Science (2003) describes â€Å"Computer Science is the systematic study of the feasibility, structure, expression, and mechanization of the methodical processes (or algorithms) that underlie the acquisition, representation, processing, storage, communication of, and access to information†. This is the knowledge of how a computer thinks and what it needs to overcome a problem. A solution requires the manipulation of data, using the computer as a tool, and most importantly human development to make it possible. The department go onto say â€Å"they study the very nature of computing to determine which problems are (or are not) computable†. They need to know how it works to understand the capabilities of what is or not possible. Turple’s thoughts of recent education were â€Å"now the goal is to teach students how to use computer applications, on the premise that if they can work with the computer, they can forget what’s inside and still be masters of the technology.† (Turple 1997, p.76). This refers to

Sadomasochism in Female Addicted Trauma Survivors Free Essays

Reference: Southern, S. (2002). The tie that binds: Sadomasochism in female addicted trauma survivors. We will write a custom essay sample on Sadomasochism in Female Addicted Trauma Survivors or any similar topic only for you Order Now Publisher: Brunner Routledge, 9(4), 209. Retrieved from http://www. mendeley. com/research/tie-binds-sadomasochism-female-addicted-trauma-survivors/ Introduction: The general area being investigated is women and addictive disorders that stem from past life trauma. The purpose of the study is to investigate case studies of women with traumatic pasts and to see if the theme of sadomasochistic behavior is prevalent in all studies. The independent variables would be the case studies themselves and the dependent variable would be the recurring themes in each study. Methods: Participants: The researchers found participants who had all suffered from past trauma in their childhoods and were exhibiting addictive behaviors in their current lives. Measures: The researchers used a table that represented the four parts of the personality, which were: sadist, masochist, dependent, addict. These four parts of personality manifest themselves in self vs. other relationships and love vs. ate relationships the trauma survivor is involved in. They also breakdown the process of brainwashing vs. psychotherapy and explain how one is used to reinforce negative ideals and the other is meant to help the patient recover and work their past issues. The functions of sadomasochism in the women’s lives was also explained. Procedure: Case studies were gathered and then analyzed for recurring themes of sadomasochistic behavior. Resu lts and discussion: The authors found a common theme of sadomasochistic behavior in all the case studies of the women with the life trauma syndrome. The study portrays sadomasochistic behavior as a harmful lifestyle choice and also gives detailed reasons as to why the women made the choice to live such a lifestyle. Conclusions: The study told me that sadomasochistic behavior in female addicts who experienced the life trauma syndrome was detrimental to their recovery because it renacted past abuse then reinforced the negative feelings associated with the abuse. The study explained some reasoning behind sadomasochistic behavior in women with past abuses. How to cite Sadomasochism in Female Addicted Trauma Survivors, Essay examples

Deaf President Now Essay Example For Students

Deaf President Now Essay ASL 14 October 2000Deaf President Now Protest #2First of all?I had no clue of how large of an issue The Deaf President Now Protest was. It surprised me that it had not been talked about in my past history classes. The Deaf President Now Protest was so symbolic to that of the Womans Rights Movement and Civil Rights Movement. It might have been a smaller issue due to the fact that the Deaf Community is smaller?however, the protest was just as big. It really upsets me that I didnt learn about this until I took an ASL course. While reading this article, there were many statements that struck me in a negative manner. It irritated me that Gallaudet treated the students unfairly, such as when they made decisions without even discussing them with the student body. Also something that really blew my mind when they stated that Deaf people could not manage finances! Finances have nothing to do with hearing! On top of things they stated that ASL and Deaf culture were easier to learn that budgetary skills. I myself can prove that both ASL and Deaf Culture are very tough.When I read about the teacher telling her students that ?they cant? it really hurt me. Why should a teacher ever being teaching ?I cant Where does any person get the right to tell someone else what they are able to achieve and not achieve?My thoughts about the whole issue of getting a deaf president were all mingled. I understand where the Deaf Community was coming from?but at the same time I think that if a hearing person had all of the qualifications and the right attitude she/he could do just as good of a job. Education